1. The school fees cover the twelve calendar months and is paid in three installments or in advance.
  2. Remittance of school fees can be done only through South Indian Bank.
  3. Submit the school copy of challan at school office and get the entry in the fees card.
  4. Pupils failing to pay the term fees may have their names struck off the rolls. They could be re-admitted on clearing all arrears and fines.
  5. Pupils joining or leaving the school during any term will have to pay all the fees of that term and the annual fee (Jun – Sep – Jan).
  6. No reminders are issued: therefore, parents/guardians should see that the fees are paid on time.
  7. Pupils whose dues are not cleared completely will be barred from sitting for examinations.
  8. Any certificate or extract from the register will cost Rs.100/-.
  9. A duplicate fee card can be obtained for Rs.20/-.
  10. The school management reserves the right to increase the fees every year by ten percent.