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Here you'll find downloadable content (forms, school magazines) and general information for students.

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Student Achievements

Plus 2 - Centum Achievers

Swaroop B (Commerce) 1200 / 1200
Bharath Sankar (Science ) 1199 / 1200

Rashtrapathy Scout Award

Naveen S.
Sreejith Jayakumar

Rajyapuraskar Award

Athul M. Nair
Harikesh M.
Saikrishnan S.
Sanjay V. P.
Shahid Ahammed

School Uniform

Specifications for students' dress code.
Uniform will be stitched as per school's specifications.

V to X std.


Black & white checked half skirt with box pleat up to the knee. White shirt with half sleeve, black shoes, black stockings, black ribon/hair band, long tie and belt.


Black formal pants, white half sleeved shirt. Black shoes, black socks, long tie and belt.

Higher Secondary


Grey and white checked top (kameez) without side slit. Grey salwar, grey overcoat, white ribbon/band, black cut shoes and white socks.


Grey and white checked shirt with half sleeve, grey formal pants. Long ties, belt, black shoes and white socks.

Admissions & Withdrawals

  1. Admission is granted at class Nursery to childrens who are around three years on 1st January.
  2. Information regarding admission is published in the school notice board in the first week of November.
  3. Admission to other classes will be against chance vacancies.
  4. If the school authorities think it necessary, the candidate will be examined on the syllabus of the class immediately below that to which admission is sought for and will place them in class they are fit for.
  5. The person who will be responsible for their regularity, conduct, fees etc. will introduce new pupils personally.
  6. Admission is given on the receipt of the following documents. (Original to be shown ad attested copies to be submitted).
    1. The mark sheet of the last Annual/Half-yearly examination.
    2. Birth certificate.
    3. Transfer certificate.
    4. Conduct certificate from the Head of the Institution, last attended.
  7. A month's notice must be given before a child is withdrawn from the school and term's fee is to be paid. If the T.C. is taken after the school re-opens the full term fee must be paid even if the student was not attending the school.
  8. The school leaving certificate will be issued when all the dues have been paidin full and on receipt of a written application from the parent/guardian mentioning the admission number. Class, Section adn the Roll number of the pupil.
  9. Leaving certificate can be collected from the school office after two working days of the submission of the application and on payment of Rs.50/-. Transfer certificate will not be issued after 90 days of the leaving from the school.
  10. Re-admission must be made for I std. after UKG.


Marks scored in Std. X Public examination will be the criteria fo admission.

N.B.: Issue of Registration form or Application form is not guaranteed for admission.

Pupils for admission must be accompanied by both the parents or guardians who must sign the prescribed admission form and pledge themselves to abide by the rules and regulations ofthe school. During the interview with the principal the following documents must be submitted for scrutiny.

  • Memo Card
  • Transfer Certificate
  • S.S.L.C./Equivalent Certificate
  • Certificate of Sports, Scouts, NCC
  • Medical Certificate for Physically Handicapped
  • Certificates to prove Dependancy on Jawan/Ex-Servicemen
  • Conduct & Character Certificate
  • Community & Nativity Certificate for SC/ST for fee concession

Group Allotted:

Group and Subject chosen:
  1. Science: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics.
    Optional: Biology (Botany, Zoology)/Computer Science
  2. Commerce: Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics and Computer Application.
    First Language: English
    Second Language: (Chosen under part II) Malayalam/Hindi


  1. The school fees cover the twelve calendar months and is paid in three installments or in advance.
  2. Remittance of school fees can be done only through South Indian Bank.
  3. Submit the school copy of challan at school office and get the entry in the fees card.
  4. Pupils failing to pay the term fees may have their names struck off the rolls. They could be re-admitted on clearing all arrears and fines.
  5. Pupils joining or leaving the school during any term will have to pay all the fees of that term and the annual fee (Jun - Sep - Jan).
  6. No reminders are issued: therefore, parents/guardians should see that the fees are paid on time.
  7. Pupils whose dues are not cleared completely will be barred from sitting for examinations.
  8. Any certificate or extract from the register will cost Rs.100/-.
  9. A duplicate fee card can be obtained for Rs.20/-.
  10. The school management reserves the right to increase the fees every year by ten percent.

General Instructions

  • All girls must use white hair bands or ribbons to tie their hair neatly. Mehendi, kajal, bindi, perfumes, bangles, rings are not allowed.
  • Nails should be neatly trimmed and nail-polish should not be used.
  • Ornaments and jewellery of any kind are not allowed in the school.
  • Every student should wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily. A pupil who comes to school without proper uniform or whose uniform is untidy and / or ill-fitting will not be allowed to attend the classes.
  • Students should have sufficient sets of uniform.
  • All boys must keep their hair short and should be clean shaven.
  • Use of hair gel and hair colour is not allowed.
  • Wearing trousers below the waist is strictly forbidden.

Medium of Instuction and Communication

  • The students and teachers will converse in no other languages except English in the school premises and during other outdoor programmes.

Absence and Leave

  • Staying away from school without authorisation is not permitted except when the cause is sudden illness or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Students are not allowed to take part in any external tests/competitions on the school days without prior permission.
  • After an absence from the school, the reason for the absence must be written and duly signed by the partens in the 'Absence from School' page.
  • Medical certificate is to be furnished if a child is absent for more than five days on medical grounds.
  • Pupils must not absent themselves from school on the day prior to holidays or tests/exams. They must rejoin classes after the holidays on the re-opening day itself. Any breach of this rule without prior written application and permission will be considered a serious offence and is punishable.
  • A pupil who has been absent for 15 calendar days (including holidays) without due written authorization from the Principal may be considered as having left the school and their name will be struck off the rolls and may not be re-admitted.
  • Any leave involving more than 15 calendar days must be applied for in person and a written permission obtained from the Principal. Merely submitting an application or a telephonic message wont suffice.
  • Pupil should have a minimum of 85% attendance to be eligible for appearing for the exams.
  • Students having 100% attendance will receive merit certificates.
  • On working days, students can leave the campus only with prior permission of Principal and should be accompanied by parents/guardians.
  • Students suffering from contagious or infectious disease shall not be permitted to attend the school. A doctor's certificate is required for rejoining classes.
  • Late arrival is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival in the 'Regularity Record' under 'late'. Late arrivals may be punished each time. Students who come late habitually may be sent back home.
  • Admission to class for absentees and late comers is granted only after they show the teacher-in-charge the Regularity Record duly counter-signed by the Principal.

Tests/Exams and Promotion

  • For the purpose of evaluation, the school conducts Unit tests and Class tests. These tests are taken into account for he Half-yearly and Promotion Exams. Absence from these tests will have an adverse effect on promotion.
  • Proficiency is given on the basis of academic excellence.
  • Candidates who have have either copied from other candidates or given opportunities to other candidates to copy from them, or communicate dishonestly with other candidates or found guilty of bringing answer sheets or substituting answer scripts during exams will be given zero in that subject and/or will be debarred from future examinations. They will be declared to have failed and may even be expelled from the school.
  • In all questions of promotion and failure the Principal's decision is final.
  • Re-exams or tests are not held for absent students. Their promotion will be decided according to their performance during the year. Those who do not complete homework, bring texts/note books or study their daily lessons, 2 marks will be deducted from the ensuing UT/Exams.
  • Answer scripts of all examinations except the final examination are to be signed by the parents. Students must check for error in the scripts/marks and clear all doebts before the marks are taken down. Once the scripts are given away no alteration in the marks will be made.

General Rules of Discipline

  • A student will not be promoted to the next class if they get six or more remarks in their school diary/personal records maintained by the school.
  • No act of indiscipline, insubordination, interference in the administration, disrespect to any member of the staff, disrespect to any religion or community by students or parents shall be tolerated and the deliquent may even be expelled from the school.
  • Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence, habitual idleness, disobedience, conduct injurious to the moral tone of the school, even outside school premises are sufficient reasons for dismissal of a student at any time of the year. One whose misconduct is liable to be injurious to others may be dismissed.
  • The Principal may suspend attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil without having to assign any reason, provided they are satisfied that such a step is necessary in the interest of school or the pupil concerned.
  • Guardians and parents are requested to make proper arrangementto collect the children immediately after school hours. Though proper care will be taken to ensure the safety of the children, the school cannot be held responsible if the student leaves the campus on their own accord.
  • The school diary is a record concerning the student. Therefore every student should take special care of the diary and bring it to class daily. If one loses it, the should get a written authorization from the Principal to buy a duplicate diary on the payment of Rs.100/-.
  • Pupils are subjected to school discipline not only in the school butalso while coming from and returning to their home and other public places.
  • Any damage done to school property must be made good by those concerned.
  • No magazines, comics, papers, books or printed matter other than school text books and the school diary may be brought to the school without the permission of the Principal. Parcels and Letters are subjected to inspection.
  • No buying/selling of stamps, stickers, comic books, ets. is allowed in the school. Such items as supari, chewing gum, etc. are strictly forbidden in the school and atern measures will be taken against offenders in this regard. Fancy items such as electronic gadgets (fancy watches, toys, digital diaries, cell phones, cameras, music players, CDs etc.) are not permitted in the school. Punk, stylish and fancy haircuts and/or hairstyles, tattoos, use of hair el, plucking of eyeborws are not permitted. Permission should be taken before shaving the head or crop cuts.
  • Smoking, chewing of betel nut and paan, usage of narcotics and alcohol are strictly prohibited in the school premises for students, teachers and parents/guardians.
  • Students must show gentleness and courtesy to their companions. Refinement of manners, uprightness and self-restraint should be the distinguishing mark of our pupil. On their way to and from school they are expected to behave in a courteous manner with due honour to the name of the school.
  • Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their books nad belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil's name.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any sharp instruments such as knives etc. or any kind of object that can cause injury to self/others.
Even when you become capable to do things and reach maturity, you should give prop recognition and obedience to you parents.
St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara
The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
Nelson Mandela
Let your ability be manifest in your discipline of file, in piety and control of your senses.
St. Kuriakose Elias Chavara
The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.
Rabindranath Tagore