Biology Lab

BMHSS has a well equipped Biology laboratory with all modern amenities and features. It has an extensive range of scientific models, specimens, slides, charts, instruments, equipments and apparatus that cater to the scientific needs of all levels of class right from primary to the senior secondary level. Students experience the real sense of biological concepts by carrying out hands-on practical here.

Physics Lab

Catering to the demand of students, BMHSS has arranged a full-fledged physics lab which accommodates more than 25 students at a stretch. We have facilities to carry out experiments based on Electricity, Mechanics, Magnetism, Heat etc which enhance the scientific knowledge and create an atmosphere of scientific thinking among students.

Chemistry Lab

The chemistry lab is spacious enough to accommodate nearly 25 students at a time with sufficient working space. Each student is provided with adequate space to work independently in the lab under the proper guidance of their teachers.

Computer & Maths Lab

The school has well equipped computer labs. Computer subject is incorporated in the curriculum right from Class I. The computer syllabus is purely practical oriented and is drafted keeping in mind the age group and its utility to them. We instil the concepts to ensure that students become experts in the booming field of Information Technology. We have well trained and experienced teachers to teach and train children of all age groups.